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Interface of Situational Reality: The Pace Setting
Harvard GSD Core Studio II 2017 Spring
Advisors: Jeffery Burchard
Portfolio Sample 04_页面_11.jpg

Perspective Collage  | Intervention to the Street Realm

Bottom-up Design of Architecture Form


For this project, the experimental pedagogy is to test the design process from bottom to up. Thus the windows and fragments of building are designed first to develop the project.

The project focus on the public facade versus the interior program and how form can be self organized and coordinate the two. The entirety of the building shows as an interrupting profile in urban scale implying the pace variation of the surroundings and the interior programs. As a pacing setting club, it contains three types of space: fast, medium and slow. While the typical windows are also applied to general programs, such as guest rooms and dinning space with variation in openings and scale.

Portfolio Sample 04_页面_12.jpg
Portfolio Sample 04_页面_12.jpg
Portfolio Sample 04_页面_14.jpg

Prototyping and Aggregation 

The first photo shows the strange awnings of the Herald Building on 35th Street in NY that create an subtle and intimate relation with the street.  While the second presents the Softness of Cloth Curtain letting in the view and light.  In my prototype study of the windows, the design tries to express these characters.

Portfolio Sample 04_页面_13.jpg

Diagram Matrix  | Combination of windows and the space type defined by windows

Portfolio Sample 04_页面_14.jpg

Paces, Programs and Types of Space

The combination of different types of windows with variation of scale, amount , positioning and direction defines characters of typical spaces in the club. 

There are space in there levels of speed: Fast, Mixed(medium) and Slow.

The fast space has big space with big window but distant from the window, and is being watched from the medium space above, only to create a atmosphere of performing and being monitored for people in it to work more fast.
The Medium space is linear with one directional path, but can view out and be viewed, while its relation with the windows is more intimate.

The slow space is long and narrow, with a lot of windows and exits as distractions for people to wander around, and provides a more private environment.

The food court has one big window facing the park in response to the urban space.
The windows of  guest rooms at the south back of the building have openings towards the sky. Each room is subdivided by two windows.

Portfolio Sample 04_页面_13.jpg

North Street Elevation | Facade Elements Responding to the Ambiance

Perspective Rendering| Interior View and Exterior Intervention


Plans and Sections| Categorizing the Apace with the Variations of Openings

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